Specialization & Value to Clients

A Sincere Interest in Investing

"I love what I do—the research, the relationships with clients—going to work is never a chore for me."

Shake the Apple Tree

Rich put his Bachelors degree in Physics (University of Sussex, England) to use in research and development at Alcoa, where he earned a patent in sensor technology. Presentations of complex ideas clued him in to his growing interest in education, and lead to an M.A.Ed. (College of William and Mary). Combining these elements of numerical analysis and education as an investment professional was in hindsight a very natural progression after years of enthusiastic participation in an investment club. Rich has provided investment advice as an independent advisor since 2002.

Accredited Asset Management Specialist

Rich has completed the specialized program and exam to become an Accredited Asset Management Specialist Designee. AAMS certified advisors are taught to effectively identify, analyze, and recommend strategies that are appropriate for your diverse needs, and must adhere to a code of professional ethics.

Rich has been married to Terri since 1988. Both share a passion for travel, and coffee shops. When he is not poring over annual reports and proxy statements, Rich volunteers for the Emergency Food Bank, and enjoys Morris dancing, stone carving and wine-tasting.

A Focus on Research

Added value by trimming the fat
By using independent research of individual stocks and other securities I reduce the use of mutual funds. This more direct approach to investing often eliminates a level of management expense (the expense ratio) realized indirectly by mutual fund investors.

Client Retention
Upending the applecart of convention has had its advantages. While client referrals have grown the business steadily, client retention has been remarkable. Rich attributes this high retention to two factors: empowering clients (by making it relatively easy for clients to fire Rich as an advisor), and Rich's inherent passion to keep clients happy.

Getting a good night's sleep...
is as important to me as it is to my clients. Coupling disciplined diversification with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of each company, and the rationale for being a part owner in that company, enables me to operate with confidence and surprisingly little stress. I try to diffuse that confidence into my client's financial lives.

Please Note: The investment strategies and products offered carry risks including loss of principal. There is no guarantee that the investment strategies will meet their stated objectives.