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There are many wonderful resources already available online. Rich reserves this page for those that he finds the very most useful and for resources he references in seminars.

Financial Calculators

401(k) Savings
Beneficiary Required Minimum Distributions
Required minimum Distribution (RMD)
Retirement Income
Roth IRA Conversion
Roth vs. Traditional IRA

Home & Personal Finance
Home Budget Analysis
Savings Goals
Emergency Savings
Net Worth
Mortgage Payoff

Investments & Taxes
Investment Returns
Marginal Tax Rate

More Financial Calculators

Saving for College — Save on Taxes with 529 Plans

Rich will soon give a seminar on 529 Plans and their benefits. Please contact him for updates on dates and locations when available.

Virginia College Savings Plans - Official Site
Saving for College - Comprehensive site on 529 plans
Intro to 529 Plans by the SEC
FinAid.org on 529 Plans
FAFSA Student Aid

College Savings Calculators
College Savings Planner
Financial Aid Calculator